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There are many ways to get involved here at Connections.  To grow spiritually, you need to be connected relationally.  The best way to do that is summed up in 3-words:  CONNECT, GROW and GO..

CONNECT... to our family.  Worship is essential for the spiritual health of a Christian, and because nothing truly compares with actually being here, we encourage you to experience a worship service in person.

GROW… Take every opportunity to learn more of the Bible and God’s purpose for your life through personal and group study.  Growing in our understanding and knowledge of God is a lifelong effort.  No one is perfect.  However to all need to strive to be more like Christ, walk the walk.  Being a part of a Bible study, and joining us for worship will bring about growth and understanding in your life.  It is also a great opportunity to meet people and new friends.

GO… Everyone has God-given gifts.  We encourage everyone to use their gifts.  There is a big difference between showing up at church and BEING the church.  Using your God-given gifts and talents enables you to be part of something much greater than yourself.  Serving at Connections is the bridge that will take you from attending to belonging, providing an opportunity to make a real difference; and along the way, this growing church will feel less overwhelming and more like home.


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