OUR GOAL:  To assist the community in various forms of crisis and disasters by developing a strategy to minister and assist wherever needed within our community and Coos County.  This is done through the use of our facilities, being a part of C.E.R.T. (Community/Crisis Emergency Response Team) training and the training of others, securing assets, and developing protocols that will activate a disaster response plan.



A crisis or disaster is defined as anything that causes human suffering or creates human needs that the victims cannot alleviate themselves.


On September 11, 2001, a tragedy occurred in New York City.  It was a terrorist attack that affected, not only New York City, but all citizens of America.  Following this tragedy, people flocked to churches all over America in hopes to find hope and answers.  Unfortunately, churches were not prepared for such influx of people.  Within a short time, many of these people found no hope and no answers within the church community.  Simply, the church was not ready to respond.


There are many times that tragedy has happened in communities throughout our county.  Examples of natural disasters, fires, active shooters in schools, business and churches, have dotted the horizon of our country.  Although law enforcement and fire departments are trained and prepared to take on various crises, the church needs to make themselves available to help in any capacity needed.


It is our belief that the church must plan how it will respond to disasters, large and small, in our community and/or anywhere needed. The plan needs to be well-thought-out and discussed by the church leaders. Our HOPE CRISIS TEAM puts together a plan and determine how we, as a team, can empower others and reach out to our community.


It is our belief that an unprepared church will miss valuable opportunities to be the type asset our community needs and that God has called us to be.  By planning before a disaster occurs and coordinating with local, county, state and federal assets, a church can be prepared to assist and minister fully in a time of crisis.

For example, with proper planning and communication, disaster relief agencies will know that a shelter can be set up in the church facilities and how many people the shelter can accommodate.


Part of the HOPE CRISIS TEAM’S disaster relief plan consider the needs of individuals and families who have experienced disasters in their lives.  These plans can include ministries such as a food pantry, clothes closet, and/or financial assistance.


The HOPE CRISIS TEAM and their designees, will find many opportunities to assist, comfort and minister to those in need.

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