Michael Farley has 45 years of musical experience and education, recording, teaching plus domestic and world travel.  He has been involved in decades of pastoral worship leading and discipleship.  Michael's heart for the addict comes only as a result of decades of abuse by a son who eventually came home.  

Most importantly, Michael came to faith in Christ as a teen, and has never departed from a growing desire to know and love His Maker more. He graduated from two bible colleges in his younger years, and his knowledge of the Scriptures enable him to offer spiritual counsel from God's word.

Michael's son, Micah Farley may be joining his father at this concert.   The "Prodigal", plays his part well, if only in memories on the screen. He says that person is someone he once knew.  He lived the life that so many, unfortunately, do, and lived to tell the tale. Micah is not one to boast of decisions and life-styles of the past, nor does he have to.  The story is told throughout the concert and from his own testimony, as he shares with audiences around the world.  The greatest aspect of Micah's life experience is told and on full display, as he shares with the world the love of his Savior, Jesus Christ.  The response to Micah's story has brought standing ovations as well as spellbound awe. God Almighty is always recognized and glorified as the One who saves and gives new life.  Besides his Lord, he recognizes Teen Challenge, his wife, Natasha, immediate family and friends as a fresh start.

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