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"Partner" is the word we use for those who affirm the beliefs and values of Connections Community Church and give of their time, talents, and resources in support of its mission and vision. The partnership agreement is to be renewed on an annual basis. If you are not currently a partner of Connections Community Church, or if you would like to renew your partnership agreement, please sign and date this form.


Partnership means we cooperate with God to love others for His glory. As we’ve received from God, we in turn treat others the same way. A person who is loved and transformed from the inside out understands that they are to live to bless others. The Apostle Paul told the church at Rome, “Therefore, accept each other, just as Christ has accepted you, so that God will be given glory.” (Romans 15:7)

If you are someone who calls Connections home, we invite you to commit yourself to this body by becoming a partner. Partnership Agreements are renewed annually.

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