As many of you know by now, Sandy and I will be planting a church in the Bay Area of the Oregon Coast. Our projected plans are to be in the Bay Area no later than the winter of 2014. We cannot express enough how excited we are for the opportunity that has been given to us by the Evangelical Methodist Church.

Also, as some of you may remember, Sandy and I ministered in the Bay Area approximately 12 years ago for a total of 10 years. Sandy and I have always talked about retiring in Coos Bay, but never imagined that one day we would be planting a church there.

Over the process of seeking God's will and discovering where our next step was for ministry, I felt a lot like Paul in Acts 16. You see, Paul never intended on going to Philippi, which may surprise you. Philippi was never on Paul’s list. Paul had his eye on an area called Bithynia, which really made better sense if you think about it. Although Coos Bay was on my "retirement list", I never thought of it as being on my "ministry list". Nevertheless, God seemed to keep moving us in this direction.

So, with this in mind, I want everyone to know that it is not our intent to attempt to pull anyone from their church that they are presently attending. I am not interested in "stealing sheep". I have expressed to several individuals who have contacted me, "If you are growing, being fed and serving (involved) in your church, stay there... they need you." With that being said, in the event that someone comes to Connections or contacts me, I will do everything I can to love them and welcome them into the family at Connections.

I invite anyone to contact me (208-899-1022 or connectionscommunityinfo@gmail.com) who may have questions, concerns, comments about this new church plan in the Bay Area. I now know without a doubt that God has called us to the Bay Area of Oregon. Without a doubt, I believe that there are people in this area who need a new beginning. I firmly believe that there are individuals who need to connect and reconnect to God and the family of Connections Community Church.

Blessings on you!

Todd Inman