As we start Connections Community Church, it is our desire to do whatever we can to speak life, love and truth into the community of Coos Bay/North Bend. I am fully aware that there is no such thing as a “perfect” church. After all, imperfect people usually fill churches, and since no one is perfect, I think that includes anyone that breathes and has a heart beat.

With that in mind, as the pastor, I commit to do everything I can to share the message of the perfect Gospel about the perfect grace and love of Jesus Christ.


Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained…” Since I am the type of pastor who does not want people to go “unrestrained”, I want everyone to know what my vision is for Connections Community Church.

As a pastor and a follower of Jesus Christ, I want people to see the love of Christ through everything I do. Yes, I am not perfect, but I often try to surround myself around people who have strengths where I am weak. It is my desire that those who call themselves the Church and followers of Jesus Christ will express the same love of Christ and point others toward Him.

As a church body, it is my vision that we love God and love people, no matter where they are in their time of life; leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is my desire to assist the church body to create a community where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue a real relationship with Jesus.

Connections Community Church exists to encourage people to become growing and equipped followers of Jesus Christ as they... CONNECT with the body of Christ and those around them, GROW in Christ through Biblical principles and GO and serve... the church, the community, and the world.

A Church without a vision will just exist and even die.


As a pastor, I am totally open to being challenged in my faith and vision. Yes, God has given me a specific vision and purpose to start Connections, especially in the Coos Bay and North Bend area.

However, I also want the Church to know that I am totally open to being challenged. I do not want anyone to ever be afraid of questioning the purpose of a specific vision, especially if that question directs us to a better vision that will glorify God and touch as many lives as possible.


I never want to get to the point where I am comfortable, settling for the status quo and existing as a church that no longer touches lives. I want to always be open to the moving of the Holy Spirit. For believers, there is always room to grow… at least there should be.


As the pastor, my expectation of the church body is to never become “pew-warmers”. A church is totally unhealthy when its members do more sitting than sharing. A “pew-warmer” is an individual who does not get involved in the purpose, vision and mission of the church.

I am fully aware that there will be people who just attend our church, and that’s okay… for a time. However, as the pastor, I promise to do everything I can to teach and equip everyone to reach out and touch the lives of those in their community. I want people to gain a heart to serve, not out of guilt, but out of a gratitude foe the grace that God has given them and their desire to speak that truth into the lives of others.


Each and every outreach that comes from Connections will not only be planned by the church, but also taught by the pastor(s). Teaching others to love, help and touch people in the community is a sign of a health fellowship of believers.

It is great to have a weekly church service where we worship and dig into God’s Word, but that is not church. The real work happens outside the church building where we truly show the community God’s love… that is the Church.

For those of you who are interested in calling Connections your church family, I hope this gives you a glimpse into my heart and my desire as the pastor of this church fellowship.

I want you to always be comfortable at contacting me, ask me questions and allowing my wife and I to love you and direct you closer to the heart of God.

Blessings to you!

Todd Inman


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Connections Community Church is an Evangelical Methodist Church and a sister church of

Crossroads Community Church - Nampa, ID