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You are invited to be a huge part of the Connections Family.


If you are presently attending a local church and you are involved and growing, we encourage you to stay right where you are.  Your church body needs you.  The purpose of Connections is not to "steal sheep" from other churches.  However, if you are not involved in another church, we invite you to join us as we grow together for the glory of God.


If you used to go to church, but for some reason or another decided to leave your church, we would love to invite you to come to Connections and give us a try.  It is not that we plan on impressing you with special marketing skills, lights, a great band or special gimmicks... we are just real people, desiring to express real love and introduce you to a real God who loves you very much.


If you have never been to church or have never tried out this thing called Christianity, we invite you to sit down with us as we share with you how Jesus Christ has changed your lives.  You see, we were all in your shoes at one point or another.  We thought we had everything together, but come to realize that without hope in Jesus Christ, we were all lost.  We invite you to contact us or come by... give us a chance to show you a Jesus that loves you deeply.


If you would like more information about Connections Community Church... fill out the contact form below.  We will definitely get back to you.


Blessings on you!

Todd Inman





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