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Connections Community Church has been built on prayer... we really believe that there is power in prayer.  We do not believe that the power is in the ones who pray, but in the One who hears the prayers... God Himself.


We also do not believe that you need a priest, pastor or a certain "prayer warrior" in order to get your prayers heard.  We firmly believe that you can pray right where you are and your loving, heavenly Father will hear your prayer.  We believe that God answers our prayers in 5 ways...

  1. "Yes, but you need to wait."

  2. "No, because I love you too much."

  3. "Yes, but not what you expect."

  4. "Yes, and here's more!"

  5. "Yes, I thought you would never ask."


So, with that in mind, we invite you to allow us to join you in prayer.  If you have a certain prayer need, please send it to us by posting it below.  Be assured, we will be praying for you.  We would also appreciate it if you share your answers to prayer.



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