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Ray & Christina Bradley and Steve Shore


We have been blessed by very talented worship leaders.  Each group rotates throughout the month and shares in leading God's people in praise and worship.


At Connections, worship is an integral part of who we are and what we do. We seek to recognize and respond to God’s goodness and provision in our lives with an outpouring of praise and thanksgiving.


Each week's, songs are chosen prayerfully and thoughtfully to help create a space where every person can feel comfortable responding honestly to the message and the truth of Christ. 

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Todd Inman

Greg Young

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Todd is the pastor and church planter of Connections Community Church here in Coos Bay/North Bend, OR.  Todd has served in several areas of ministry (youth pastor, worship leader, pastor, counselor, denominational leader, and prison chaplain) for the past 40 years.  Todd also has an extensive background in law enforcement.


Todd is a single-dad with a beautiful 7 year old daughter named Abby. 


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Todd Inman
Lead Pastor

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Aaron and Deanna has joined the Connections Ministry Team with a passion, drive and love for ministry. Aaron and Deanna desire to build a children ministry  that will invest in the lives of children in our church and community.


Our desire is to be a refuge of God’s unconditional love. Our aim is that each child will experience this love at every age and stage through the vision of Connections Community Church.  

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Aaron & Deanna Vollmer 
Children's Ministry

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David & Karen Crawford
Sr. Adult Ministries

David & Karen Crawford have a love for adult and a passion for the traditional worship of the church.  On Sundays at 2:00pm, David and his group will gather together for an afternoon of the great hymns of the church.  Also, David and Karen facilitates a 50+ Adult Bible Study on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.


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Christina Bradley
Women's Ministry

Christina has a deep passion to leading and developing our Women’s Ministry.  Christina, along with other women on her team, have a deep heart for seeing women grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


The aim of Connections Women's Ministry is to encourage women on a personal level in their daily lives. We strive to create spaces where women support each other as they grow into a deeper relationship with God by providing emotional connections and opportunities to serve alongside one another in God’s kingdom work.


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Rick has a huge heart for Men's Ministry.  Retired from Adult and Disabled Services, Rick presently works for a non-profit organization that helps adult's with disabilities. 


Men's ministry plays a key role in the understanding that men will lead their families closer to Christ. Every event is geared toward encouraging men to step it up and follow the heart of Christ in life, family and work.


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Rick Shreckengost
Men's Ministry

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Kathy Arnot
Loving Threads Ministry

Kathy Arnot and her team create awesome prayer quilts for people in need.  Kathy has a deep love and desire to reach those who are hurting and in need of prayer and encouragement.  


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